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As a caring and responsible supplier to the healthcare sector, we are continuing to take active precautions to ensure your care home colleagues, residents and our team are all best protected throughout this pandemic.

We take this responsibility seriously, aiming to do our very best to minimise the risk of spread of infection, whilst continuing to deliver our high-quality products and services. This is all in line with our company purpose – honouring our loved ones with dignity.

Company operating procedures

We continue to reinforce stringent hygiene practices throughout the company consistently. These are exceptional circumstances and we will comply with the latest government advice on coronavirus at all times.

Our measures include good hand hygiene, maintaining social distancing, the wearing of face masks in shared spaces, as well as some of our colleagues continuing to work from home. All this enables us to do our part as a responsible employer and supplier.


Continuing the approach we have taken throughout this pandemic, we are operating a contactless delivery policy and we will not enter any care home. All deliveries will be supplied by our uniformed drivers to the entrance of your care home, or a location of your choosing outside of the care home. This is for the health and safety of all, given our delivery drivers visit numerous locations daily.

We kindly ask that all our care home customers continue to maintain social distancing with our drivers and continue to receive deliveries in this way until a time when we deem it safe for drivers to enter care homes. We look forward to this time and will review and update this policy regularly.

Our contactless delivery policy includes:

Hand sanitising before unloading your delivery

Wearing face masks where appropriate

Stacking the delivery in a pre-agreed safe place

Staying at least 2m away from other people

Asking for a contact name and adding to the delivery note as a proof of delivery.

Safe servicing

We are delighted to again offer LOLER, PUWER and equipment servicing and maintenance by our fully trained engineers. We have implemented several changes to allow us to help you to maintain your vital equipment safely, which includes servicing mobile hoists and slings outside premises, or inside in a pre-agreed safe working area with our engineers dressed in full PPE.

Full details on our Safe Servicing policy can be found by clicking here. Or contact one of our friendly team for more information.


We are continuing to keep in contact with all our care home customers via telephone, email and via video communications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

You can also connect with us virtually online via this website and through our social media channels on Linkedin, facebook and twitter. This is where you’ll find any updates on how we are managing the safety of our customers and colleagues.

Health and wellbeing

We’re currently sharing positive content such as monthly podcasts and articles focused on health and wellbeing during this difficult time via our new platform, CareHomeLifestyle. All communications have been developed specifically for care home owners, managers and employees and can be viewed by clicking here.

Thank you

Thank you for your continued dedication to those in your care. We remain passionate and privileged to support all our care home customers.

Our company COVID-19 policy and operating procedures are reviewed and updated regularly in line with the latest government guidance and always with a focus on the safety of all. The health of each of you, your residents, and our colleagues is of the utmost importance.

Should you have any queries please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to help you. Call us on 01772 425310. Lines are open 8am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can email us at info@carehomelife.co.uk