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Our complete incontinence care solution has evolved through our understanding of the challenges presented by incontinence; the disturbance it causes residents, the work it creates for carers and its effect on hygiene standards and costs to care homes. 

We guide care homes and advise on the most suitable incontinence products and systems for the particular needs of their organisation and the residents they care for, thereby contributing to their mission to be rated outstanding.

Maintaining standards of care with cost efficient incontinence products and systems

To enable the best provision of care, we provide products that are sourced from reliable, world-class brands such as AMD and TENA. Using premium products through a managed process enables a home to deliver person-centred care. These effective products, along with our dedicated training and support service, provide care homes with the tools they need to preserve the dignity of residents in need of incontinence care.

Our complete Incontinence Care Solution has far-reaching benefits for the resident, carer and care home: 

For residents:

Hypo-allergenic, innovative products that promote comfort, dryness and protect skin integrity

Reduce disturbance through fewer pad changes, with the appropriate pad being used at all times

Improves quality of life, honouring the dignity and wellbeing of residents

For carers:

Confidence that the most appropriate pad is being used for the needs of each individual resident

Fewer changes, allowing carers more time to focus on rewarding activities

Eliminates accidents and wet beds

For care homes:

Reduction in the cost of pads

Reduced labour costs

Less clinical waste

Less laundry

Efficient stock management and distribution

The 4 Step Complete Incontinence Care Solution

Any programme of incontinence care needs to be comprehensive and have the dignity of the resident at its heart. The highly effective CareHomeLife 4 Step complete Incontinence Care Solution enables a nursing home to use a premium range of incontinence products and still make cost savings.

Consisting of 4 stages, each representing an area of focus, this incontinence solution generates unparalleled efficiency results:




Assessment and patient profiling are used to assist in the selection of the correct incontinence aid for each resident. Where pads are required, product selection is based on style, absorbency and size. We have an extensive range of ultra-fast absorption pads with anti-leakage cuffs, repositionable tabs and hypo-allergenic properties to protect skin integrity.



Using results from the assessment stage, prescription cards are provided for completion for each resident, making it simple for carers to allocate the correct products to each room, regardless of who is on shift.



Product range knowledge helps carers to immediately establish if a resident is wearing the correct product. Training in fitting and use ensures that carers are confident when distributing the range and that they fit the products correctly to provide maximum comfort. The training also helps carers identify the correct point at which a pad should be changed, thereby protecting the dignity and wellbeing of the resident.



A product management tool is provided giving visibility and control of ordering so that only the required quantities and assortment are purchased. This eliminates stock holding and gives an accurate forecast for budgeting purposes.


We provide the necessary product training and support to ensure customers are able to drive down costs and improve efficiencies without compromising care standards.

Operational support is provided to all customers which includes hassle-free online ordering with one click repeat orders, stock control, budget management and manager approval systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care home solutions by supplying world class products and services so that care homes have all the necessary tools to deliver outstanding care.

Recognising the value of our ongoing partnerships with care homes, CareHomeLife encourages membership of our online loyalty reward scheme, ensuring care homes benefit from each transaction.