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Outstanding care through our tailored housekeeping solution

The housekeeping solution offered by CareHomeLife covers a streamlined spectrum of products, services and systems. They have been researched, designed and implemented to maximise efficiency in a care environment.

Housekeeping requirements differ between establishments. Rather than simply supplying a standard range of products, CareHomeLife delivers a housekeeping solution with meaningful results, tailored to the needs of individual care homes.

Working in collaboration, we ensure care homes utilise world-class cleaning products and systems that are highly cost effective whilst meeting all the regulatory infection control standards. This facilitates the safest, most hygienic surroundings for residents to live in.

Streamlined, high performance housekeeping

Our solution requires fewer products to tackle cleaning, sanitisation and odour control effectively. This streamlined solution consists of low-hazard, high performing products, ensuring that all stringent hygiene criteria are met.

These highly effective housekeeping products have rapid contact times of as little as 15 seconds for killing bacteria, far beyond the capabilities of traditional cleaning products such as bleach which requires a longer contact time of several minutes or more.

Noticeably outstanding results 

Through our partnership with P&G Professional, we can supply a streamlined range of housekeeping products for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, shared living areas, carpets and more. Designed to create noticeably outstanding results, the products also boost productivity, freeing up staff time to do more.

Waste management, disposables and uniforms  

Our housekeeping solution doesn’t end there. We can also work with you to implement effective waste management systems, provide uniforms and relevant disposable products that are fit for purpose and promote the provision of outstanding care.

Contact us today. Our friendly team are ready to assess your needs and advise you on all aspects of housekeeping. We also offer full training and support to help you with the goal of improving care standards, driving down operating costs, without compromising product quality.


We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding care home solutions by supplying world class products and services so that care homes have all the necessary tools to deliver outstanding care.

We provide the necessary product training and support to ensure customers are able to drive down costs and improve efficiencies without compromising care standards.

Operational support is provided to all customers which includes hassle-free online ordering with one click repeat orders, stock control, budget management and manager approval systems.

Recognising the value of our ongoing partnerships with care homes, CareHomeLife encourages membership of our online loyalty reward scheme, ensuring care homes benefit from each transaction.