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CareHomeLife have reduced costs and improved staff retention at Stafford based nursing home Manor House through providing quality products, services and our unique Incontinence Care Solution

  • Nursing home striving to be outstanding
  • Improvements in service and product quality through switching to CareHomeLife
  • Reduced costs with the introduction of the Incontinence Care Solution
  • Higher staff retention due to reduction in workload, happier residents and increased job satisfaction

Manor House Nursing Home is an 85 bed, soon to be 125 bed registered nursing home. Being the largest nursing home in Stafford meant that Managing Director, Phil Searle, was facing an increase in the daily challenges of compliance, meeting the needs of service users, upholding the highest levels of service, and meeting the obligations of private, NHS and local authority contracts.

Welcome benefits through moving to CareHomeLife janitorial products

To enable Manor House to meet their obligations, they needed to team up with a new supplier that met the care home’s high standards. Manor House chose CareHomeLife on the basis that the two companies shared the same ethos, with a focused approach to facilitating outstanding care and honouring our loved ones with dignity every day.

CareHomeLife started supplying janitorial products, and Manor House were impressed with the support received, the involvement of the sales representatives and the option to speak directly to a dedicated Account Manager whenever required. The online ordering system was significantly easier than they’d used before and they found the loyalty rewards had a positive impact on budget.

Huge improvements across incontinence care

The combination of high quality product and service solutions, and the level of service received instigated the decision to move Manor House’s supply of incontinence products to CareHomeLife. Manor House felt that the products they were using had not progressed and developed in line with improvements in technology and their knowledge of incontinence management.

Phil Searle commented that the improvement was “huge”; not only the products themselves but the whole Incontinence Care Solution across the ordering, delivery and assessment process. The training package to teach carers about product selection and best use enabled carers to provide much more informed, individual care.

Helpful budget management

The account monitoring offered by CareHomeLife now helps Manor House to manage their budget. The monthly report that benchmarks the average nursing home spend and compares it to their own was identified as being particularly helpful in keeping an eye on spending.

Carers are very happy with the products, knowing that residents felt comfortable and not suffering from pressure sores. Phil Searle put this down to CareHomeLife’s thorough understanding of the products being supplied.

The outcome of working with CareHomeLife:

  • The Incontinence Care Solution has resulted in increased independence and confidence of residents, as well as improvements in skin integrity
  • A reduction in costs due to less pad changes
  • Streamlined processes including a simple reordering system and speedy deliveries
  • Increased staff retention due to a reduction in workload and an improved working environment
  • Reductions to laundry and offensive waste