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Our CareHomeLifeStyle series of podcasts aim to motivate, educate, and illuminate those who work within the Care sector by sharing experiences, wisdom, and advice from accomplished professionals with their own stories to tell. Guidance that could make a difference to you as an individual working within the industry, and the workplace culture of your care home as a manager.

Our recent episode is with special guests Professor Martin Green, CEO of Care England and Eddy Fishwick, Chairman of CareHomeLife and Founder of CareHomeLifestyle.

As podcasts go, it is rare to have an opportunity to speak to two leaders that are so passionate about their mutual topic – Care; perhaps more importantly the UK’s beleaguered Care Homes.  Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England and Eddy Fishwick, founder of CareHomeLifeStyle, spend 30 min sharing their take on Care, selfcare, and the need to be positively selfish.  Looking after yourself well is the precursor to looking after others; as Martin candidly shares, the process of looking after yourself is not always an easy thing to do, but definitely necessary; even more so in the era of Covid 19.  As tough as it has been Martin points out there is an amazing amount of resilience out there in the care sector; but now is the time to consider the benefits of selfcare as a critical part of the process of providing a robust caring environment.

Listen now: