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This is a summary of the Carbon Inventory and subsequent Footprint Report produced on behalf CareHomeLife by Auditel for the reporting period of 01/01/21 – 31/12/21. The inventory work and reporting was carried out in line with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and represents a faithful, true, and fair account of CareHomeLife GHG emissions from the data available. The full report should be considered when reading the summary and can be obtained at: debbie.smith@carehomelife.co.uk

Carbon Footprint Clarification

CareHomeLife believe in the importance of being able to substantiate any environmental or carbon claims we make. However, our need to act on the environment means we cannot let the pursuit of perfect data prevent us taking action.

As such, we differentiate between parts of our carbon footprint which can be verified and provide estimated emissions where possible, or exclusions, for areas that cannot be verified. Our verified carbon
footprint for 2021 is 355.6 tCO2e, details of which can be seen in our 2021 full carbon inventory report.
Beyond this, we have identified additional emissions in connection with some sold goods that were not transported and distributed by us. These emissions cannot be verified due to an absence of quality data from 3rd parties upon whom we are reliant.

We recognise that this transport and distribution activity is an integral part of our operation, and although the related emissions data was not verifiable, we believe that these categories should not be ignored.

Our Methodology & Assumptions

For those of our sold goods that were transported and distributed by 3rd Parties in 2021, we have estimated the associated emissions based on our spend for these services.

This estimate identified a further 48.5 tCO2e from this activity
(equivalent to 13.6% of the verified carbon footprint). Further detail of our methodology and assumptions can be seen in our 2021 full carbon inventory report.

Most of the goods we supply are delivered in our own fleet of vans for which the related emissions are captured in our verified emissions total. Even though we know that there are associated emissions with the 3rd Party deliveries, we have been unable to make meaningful estimations for 2021.

At CareHomeLife we see it as part of our responsibility to the planet to secure meaningful and substantiated emission data and we will also be introducing our own in-house data capture arrangements to ensure reliable data for the future.