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Here at CareHomeLife we supply a comprehensive range of profiling beds, ideal for any care or medical setting, designed to enhance comfort and wellbeing as well as to improve accessibility. We also supply a wide range of bed accessories such as headboards, footboards, breathable bumpers, side rails and wedges, that each provide additional support and are suitable for all types of beds.

New to our range are these innovative and adaptable accessories from leading bed manufacturer, Opera®. As you can see in the two short videos below, the wall protectors overcome issues with damage to bedroom walls and plugs, whilst the transportation system removes issues with dismantling beds when making room changes.

Bed Wall Protector

The Opera® Bed Wall Protector spacer kit is designed to prevent damage to walls and fixtures around the bed. The protector attaches to the columns at the end of the bed to create a gap between the wall and the bed, ensuring no damage is caused when adjusting the beds height. Suitable for column lift style beds.

There are a range of sizes available to suit most profiling bed types, for further information on this call our friendly team today on 01772 425310

Bed Transportation

The Bed Transportation System is an innovative but simple system, allowing you to move and relocate fully assembled beds quickly and efficiently, without the need to disassemble the bed, saving time and potential health and safety risks.