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At CareHomeLife We’re challenging and changing the way you buy consumables and equipment for
your care home.

That’s a big promise. But one we’re confident we can keep. We understand the challenges care homes face and how important the products we supply are to the smooth running of your home, and
comfort of your residents. We also know it’s not enough to simply be a ‘supplier’, and solely focused on price. So we have committed to going further to actively support the care homes we do business with so that they can get the most from their budgets whilst providing the very best care to their residents.

Our innovative and highly effective products and systems, backed by support from our care home budgeting experts, firmly shift the focus from ‘cost’ to ‘value’ and elevate the importance of putting people and planet above all else.

How we are prioritising  people, planet and pocket

Our friendly experts show care homes how they can:

✓ Use fewer consumable products
✓ Get better cleaning results – first time
✓ Improve performance
✓ Maximise infection control
✓ Create less waste
✓ Save valuable time
✓ Reduce their environmental impact
✓ Cut operating spend
✓ Focus your energy on providing excellent levels of care.

In short, we make it possible for you to do so much more, with much less.



Highly effective products, systems, and support. Helping care homes do more, with less. Total operational expenses reduced, providing long-term cost savings.

Adding continuous value, everything we do is for the good of the sector. Our unwavering support for the industry extends far beyond products. We find ways to share positivity and an enthusiasm for life with all who work in Social Care.

A trusted reputation for industry-leading service. 98%+ of orders reach their destination complete and right on schedule, caringly brought by our own fleet of vans and drivers.

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